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Working using the GitHub Flow

The GitHub flow is a workflow designed that is compatible with Git and GitHub.

The main focus of GitHub is on branching and allows the teams to experiment freely, and make deployments regularly.

The GitHub flow works like this:

  • Generates a new Branch.
  • Make changes and add Commits.
  • Open a Pull Request.
  • Reviewing.
  • Deploying.
  • Merging.

Create a New Branch

Branching in Git gives you the ease to make changes without affecting the main branch.

Whenever a new branch is created, it can be reviewed, discussed, and merged with the main branch.

Make Changes and Add Commits

Once the new branch has been created, you can make changes by adding, editing, and deleting files. Whenever there is something difficult, you can add the changes to your branch by commit.

Adding commits keeps track of the work. Each commit should have a message explaining what has changed and why.

Open a Pull Requests

 A Pull Request notifies the people about the changes that ready to be considered or reviewed.


Whenever a Pull Request is made, it can be reviewed by the person who has the proper access to the branch.

Pull Requests are enabling the people to work together easily and generate better results together.


Once the pull request has been reviewed and everything seems fine, it is the time for the final testing. Before merging with the master branch, GitHub enables you to deploy from a branch for final testing in production.


After the testing has been done, you can merge the code into the master branch.

Pull Requests helps keep the records of changes to your code, and if you commented and changed names, you visit back and understand why changes and decisions were made.

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