How to Open a Shopify Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is a famous low-cost eCommerce model as you don’t need to buy products upfront or keep inventory on hand. Shopify is used to connect to hundreds of drop shippers through apps that automate every step—including DSers, making it the easiest, and most economical way to launch an e-commerce business.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Shopify Account

The first step is to activate your Shopify free trial by opening an account. You can do so by visiting Shopify and entering the email address, and business name, and creating a password as done below.


If you are not sure of the business name or your business concept, you can change your store’s name and email address in your Shopify store settings at any time.

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email address, Shopify takes you to your store dashboard.

add product shopify

Step 2: Connect the DSers App to Your Shopify Store

Explore add products to your Shopify store, and connect a dropshipping app. Since DSers is Shopify’s integrated dropshipping supplier network, is quick and easy to install. DSers is Shopify’s top-recommended dropshipping platform.

customize with app shopify

Step 3: Find Products to Sell in Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Once the DSers app is installed in your Shopify store, the product discovery process can begin. DSers’ interface enables you to make either broad or very specific product searches with a few keystrokes. You can start by exploring various products related to your business idea and see what you come up with.

Click on Find Suppliers from your DSers dashboard.


The app features collections that are used to organize products by profit margin, geographic popularity, and category. Discover the winning items with the help of the list in the location that you have planned to sell or to find products that fit your niche market.

Use the search bar to search the products and category filters to narrow the selection down.

Aliexpress dser

Click on an item’s thumbnail to collect the info on the product page. Adjust where the item will ship to preview delivery time and shipping cost.

product page dser

ship to dser

Toggle the “Ship to” location to match your expected customer base.

add to cart dser

shipping method aliexpress

When you mention the product’s destination, it will show an estimated delivery date. Click “More options” to get a preview of other available shipping methods, delivery times, and costs.

dsers products rating

Always keep a check on the feedback rating, number of reviews, and the total amount of orders. These metrics are used in measurements of product quality and the supplier’s trustworthiness.

Tips on How to Select Good DSers Products to Sell

Below are the few things that one must remember while building a large product list in DSers.

Write product descriptions: Most DSers dropship suppliers provide item details like size and material, but some of them provide a ready-to-go detailed product description.

Review pricing: DSers automatically sets a recommended retail price, but it’s a great idea to review the profit margin and do some search online to see if that price is competitive with other sellers.

Communicate shipping times to customers: In dropshipping, order fulfillment is out of hand, and many dropship suppliers are from China. You can include the estimated delivery times in your product descriptions.

Check supplier reviews: Suppliers are given a rating for every transaction, which will be reflected in their feedback score.

  • Review product images: You cannot do the quality checks on inventory, you need to select the products that supply high-quality images from the get-go.
  • Check product statistics: Make a check for positive reviews about the product, how many sales it has generated, and how many Shopify/DSers stores have offered the product.

Step 4: Import Products to Your Shopify Store via DSers

Once you have decided want to sell, add them to your Shopify store. Begin by adding the products to your “Import List” in DSers.

From the supplier search page, hover over the product thumbnail, then click Add to Import List.

Import Products to Your Shopify Store via DSers

The product appears on the “Import List” page where you can edit its information. View this page by moving to it from the DSers sidebar menu. You can see the list of products you’ve chosen to add to your Shopify store.

import list dser

Edit Product Details

It is recommended to edit product details in the DSers dashboard before importing them to your Shopify store. It can be done by navigating to the “Edit page” option from your import list.

Below five tabs are seen organizing the product’s details.


change image dsers

From the “Product” tab, we can –

Change the title of the item. Generally, Suppliers add long product titles consisting of lots of keywords to help them show up in search results.

You can manually add the title to one or more Shopify Product Collection(s) if already set up; if not, it can be done later in your Shopify dashboard.


varient dser

The “Variants” tab, allows you to review the available variants and deselect any that you don’t want to sell.

  • Select the variants that are useful to your store. For example, if you are selling pet accessories for small dogs, just leave out variants that are for larger dogs.
  • Never leave too many variants available as they can do good work for potential customers. This can result in indecision and unfulfilled sales.
  • See each variant’s corresponding costs, potential shipping costs, retail price, and the potential profit that can be made.
  • The cost and shipping columns show the prices you need to pay the supplier for the product and its shipping. Use these details to decide how much you should sell the product for in your store.
  • In the price column, set the product price that your customers will pay you.
  • The profit column helps you see the potential profit you could earn from selling this product.
  • The compare-at-price column helps you set sale prices for your items.

pricing rule dser


description dser

In the “Description” tab, add or edit the product description in two sections: Specifications and Overview.

Well-crafted product listings lower refund rates, which results in more sales and help build trust with your customers.


product image dser

In the “Images” tab, all the images can be seen a supplier got for the product. Choose ones that apply to your store by checking each image. Download the images to your device or delete them from your view.

Shipping Info

Once the product details are complete, click the orange Save button at the end of your screen. Click on the Push to Shopify button and import the item(s) to your Shopify product list immediately.

select store to publish product

Once the product is imported, you will see it in your Shopify store dashboard. Open a new tab, go to your Shopify account, and then click on product.

Clicking on “Edit Product” on Shopify, a new tab is opened for your Shopify product detail page, as shown below.

.edit product shopify

Categorize Your DSers Products

After a few products have been imported from DSers into Shopify, the next step is setting up your Shopify Store from your Shopify dashboard.

Begin by setting up Product Collections to organize your dropshipping items for easier shopping. Click on Collections, then Create Collection in your Shopify dashboard, and you’ll see this screen.

create collection shopify

Step 5: Set Up Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Once the product collections have been set up, complete key store details in Shopify, which includes

  • Shopify store theme setup (the store’s design)
  • Informational pages for Customer Service and Shipping Details
  • Menus to simplify navigation for shoppers
  • Payment, shipping, and tax information
  • A store domain name (create or connect one)

Fulfilling Dropshipped Orders via DSers

When the store design has been done and has shipment settings dialed in, you can make the site live to start receiving orders.

To fulfill an order for a drop shipped item, navigate to your DSers dashboard and click on Open Orders from the navigation sidebar.

Fulfilling Dropshipped Orders via DSers

A of products under the “Awaiting Order” tab can be seen. These belong to orders that have been paid for by the customer and need fulfillment. Click on the check products that are needed to be fulfilled, click Place order to AliExpress, select a shipping method, and the supplier will handle the rest.

place order to aliexpress

The “Open Orders” section, allows you to monitor your orders via the stages of fulfillment. Products will be separated into eight categories depending on their status, as shown below.

awaiting order shopify

Keeping track of your customer’s orders and checking the fulfillment errors is part of running a successful dropshipping store.


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