How To Install Visual Studio Code on macOS

There are several fantastic code editors available nowadays that developers may use to build and edit their code. The cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor, for example, is a lightweight code editor that supports a wide range of languages. It also has some cool features that help you quickly find and fix bugs in your code.

Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool for web developers and other coders on macOS, with an integrated debugger, GitHub connection, and IntelliSense code completion. Because it isn’t accessible in the macOS App Store, you’ll have to manually install it. This blog post will show you how to install Visual Studio Code on macOS so you can get started right away. Continue reading to find out more!

Step 1 – Pre-Requisites

You must have the following prerequisites before beginning the installation of the Visual Studio Code editor with this instruction.

Terminal: You must have Mac Terminal access and a basic understanding of how to use the terminal program.
Homebrew is a popular package management solution for installing most open-source applications, including Node. Here is a guide on installing Homebrew.

Step 2 – Install Visual Studio Code on macOS

First, get the most recent version of the homebrew and recipe. Then navigate to the Caskroom/Cask project on Github. Then look for the visual-studio-code package.

brew update 
brew tap caskroom/cask 
brew cask search visual-studio-code 

Then install Visual Studio Code by running the following command.

brew cask install visual-studio-code

Wait for the installation complete

Step 3 – Launch Application

Once the Visual Studio Code installation is finished on your macOS. You can use the launcher icon to start the application on your macOS system. You can also add the required extensions to the editor as per your application.

All done. Let’s start with the development.


You can now begin creating and building your applications using Visual Studio Code, a lightweight Electron-based environment. The best aspect is that you can use it with Single Page Apps, Web Apps, and other sorts of web-based apps on macOS.

We installed the program via the Caskroom/Cask repository, which automatically updates itself when a new version is available. The greatest aspect is that you can use the built-in debugger to double-check all of your routines, which include step-over, step-forward, step-backward, and breakpoints. You may also use the IntelliSense code completion function to swiftly edit your code.

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