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Free Certification Course Title: Email Writing & Etiquette: Business Communication at Work

Learn to write clear and effective emails, gain more confidence, and grow your career!


  • Have access to a consistent internet connection
  • No prior experience required

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to master your email writing skills
  • Demonstrate your experience and professionalism through email communication
  • Assure that your business emails receive the attention they deserve
  • Compose clear emails for maximum readability, comprehension, and impact
  • Build your professional reputation and enhance your career success using email communication
  • Get ideas across quickly and with a minimum of effort for more efficient team collaboration
  • Adapt emails to accommodate different audiences and work situations
  • Become a faster and more efficient writer to boost productivity and save time
  • Increase team collaboration through effective group-wide team updates
  • Build new professional relationships and improve existing ones through email writing
  • Plan, organize and format emails in a logical and reader-friendly structure
  • Make long and complex emails simple and scannable for your recipients
  • Proofread and edit your email to make it clear, concise and easy to understand
  • Build credibility and trust in business emails when sharing confidential information
  • Modify your emails to cope with cultural nuances
  • Expand your knowledge of email communication across the generational gap
  • Move beyond hierarchical restrictions to build rapport with managers and colleagues
  • Adapt your writing style to reflect global English norms and internationally accepted formatting standards
  • Understand how all email elements affect the recipient’s mindset and response
  • Write effective subject lines, greetings, sign-offs and signatures
  • Use the ‘To’, ‘Cc’, ‘Bcc’ and ‘Reply all’ fields correctly
  • Learn the proper ways to forward emails without annoying the recipients
  • Provide supporting information in the form of facts, documents, screenshots, and attachments
  • Create effective email templates to manage repetitive emails and save on time
  • Feel confident saying “No” via email without creating tension at work
  • Write the perfect apology email for various challenging situations
  • Write introduction emails to introduce yourself or a colleague to the team
  • Learn how to follow up for information, clarification, feedback or approval
  • Write effective appreciation or congratulations emails
  • Learn how to reschedule, cancel or invite someone to a meeting via email

    Who this course is for:

    • Professionals who correspond regularly with managers and colleagues by email
    • Individuals who want to build their professional reputation and enhance their career success via email communication
    • Employees who need to get ideas across quickly for maximum readability, comprehension, and impact
    • Managers who wish to boost productivity, save time and increase team collaboration using email communication

    This course includes:

    • 4.5 hours on-demand video
    • 48 downloadable resources
    • Full lifetime access
    • Access on mobile and TV
    • Certificate of completion

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