Data Science Real World Projects in Python | FREE Udemy course

Data Science Real World Projects in Python | FREE Udemy course

Free Certification Course Title: Data Science Real World Projects in Python

Solve 3 real Business Problems. Build Robust AI, Ml , NLP and Time Series models for Airline, Security & Stock Domain..

What you’ll learn:

  • Hands on Real-World Projects on Various Domains of Data Science in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing , Time Series Analysis
  • Develop Natural Language Processing Models to Customer Sentiments
  • Develop time series forecasting models to predict Prices of stocks


  • Basic knowledge of programming is recommended.
  • However, You can follow my Basics of Python Course which is free of cost therefore, the course has no prerequisites, and is open to anyone with basic programming knowledge.
  • Students who enroll in this course will master data science and directly apply these skills to solve real world challenging business problems.

Who this course is for:

  • One who is curious about Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis..
  • Why should you take this Course?

    • It explains Projects on  real Data and real-world Problems. No toy data! This is the simplest & best way to become a  Data Scientist/AI Engineer/ ML Engineer
    • It shows and explains the full real-world Data. Starting with importing messy datacleaning data, merging and concatenating data, grouping and aggregating data, Exploratory Data Analysis through to preparing and processing data for Statistics, Machine Learning , NLP & Time Series and Data Presentation.
    • It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and code on your own. Learning by doing.
    • In real-world projects, coding and the business side of things are equally important. This is probably the only course that teaches both: in-depth Python Coding and Big-Picture Thinking like How you can come up with a conclusion

    This course includes:

    • 6.5 hours on-demand video
    • Full lifetime access
    • Access on mobile and TV
    • Certificate of completion

      How to get Data Science Real World Projects in Python?

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