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Free Certification Course Title: Complete Guide: Python & Django Framework

Get started with Python 3 & Django 3 Framework. Build Dynamic Web Applications from Scratch


  • All you need is a PC / Laptop
  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Decent Internet Connectivity
  • What you’ll learn:

    • You will learn complete Python 3
    • You will learn Django 3
    • Data Types in Python
    • Work with Loops in Python
    • Data structure in Python
    • Fundamentals on Python
    • Conditional Operations in Python
    • Create Python Function
    • OOP’s Programming (Object Oriented Programming) in Python
    • Create custom App in Django
    • Create Models in Django
    • Migrations in Django
    • Assign Objects Data
    • Work with Templates in Django
    • Assign styles in Django
    • Setup project for Django
    • How to get Complete Guide: Python & Django Framework?

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