Business Intelligence: Python and Programming Essentials | FREE Udemy Course

Free Certification Course Title: Business Intelligence: Python and Programming Essentials

Learn programming using python and its use as a business function instead of standalone technical concepts.


  • Basic Math operations
  • Determination not to give up in front of error and to master programming based on its correct foundations.
  • English ِِA2 Level according to the Common European Framework for languages
  • What you’ll learn:

    • Understanding of computing as a business function, instead of a standalone concept.
    • Introduction to Algorithms and Jupyter Notebook.
    • Variables, Data Types, and Conditions.
    • Communicate to European Central Bank and Extract Exchange Rates.
    • Using APIs and extract its data using JSON Module.
    • Implementing FOR loop and WHILE in Business Cases using Python.
    • Creating Algorithm using Flowchart and structured English.
    • Understand the open banking concept.
    • Creating a banking reusable code using Python. Create Module, Update Balance and Get available balances Functions
    • Mastering Python Lists
    • Programming essentials using Python and driven by banking.
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