Blockchain dApps with Web3.js | Certification Free Udemy Course

Free Certification Course Title: Blockchain dApps with Web3.js

Integration of Solidity Smart Contract based Decentralised Applications with Web3.js on Ethereum Blockchain


  • some existing knowledge of ethereum dApp development will help, but not compulsory
  • some solidity knowledge will help
  • Logical thinking ability is a minimum requirement for any programming or coding related skills
  • good knowledge of blockchain, dApps, ethereum, etc will be helpful
  • Anyone can take this course, it’s for beginners to advanced
  • Basic mathematics/math knowledge is a minimum requirement for any programming/coding related skills
  • You need internet access for the practical part of this course
  • What you’ll learn:

    • Integration of Blockchain dapps with WEB3 js
    • Full stack dapplication development – How to get through full stack dapp via web3 js
    • web3 versus conventional methods
    • Main functionality of web3 and Ganache – How to use the functionality of web3 and installing Ganache.
    • Simple practical use of Web3 – Simple codes to get you started with web3 js
    • Getting started with Truffle Project – Basic walkthrough of what is inside of truffle box.
    • Truffle react box deployment – Deploying and migrating of smart contracts.
    • How Ganache works – Setup ganache for our truffle project.
    • Getting started with App js file – Starting template made which can be used for all the different contracts.
    • Get & set methods used – Create web3 js to use the functions of our smart contracts.
    • Let’s send ethers – Will send ethers to smart contracts and difference
    • Setup the App js for first function – We need to set up the app js for calling function and sending ethers
    • App js for second type and window function. – We need to make the app js to send directly the ethers to some account or to the Smart contracts and withdraw money from the smart contract.
    • Testing of direct ether send and sending to contract and withdrawing it.
    • Diving into events
    • more about web3
    • Who this course is for:

      • Anyone interested to become a blockchain developer
      • Anyone interested to become a dApp developer
      • Anyone interested to become a decentralised application developer
      • Anyone who wants to learn blockchain programming
      • Anyone interested to learn TOP programming or coding skills for the future
      • Anyone interested to learn how to code a distributed wallet in ethereum with Solidity
      • Also for beginner Solidity developers who want to get to advanced level
      • Anyone interested to learn the frontend web3 js skills required to develop ethereum dApps(decentralized applications)
      • Also for university computer science students who would like to get into blockchain & dApp development
      • Also for anyone else who would like to learn the relevant skills to become top blockchain & dApp developers
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